Employer FAQ

Does Healthcare Resources Group of GA provide contingent recruitment searches?
On occasion, Healthcare Resources Group of GA will work with their clients on a contingent basis if all of the criteria fall into place. In general, Healthcare Resources Group of GA tries to avoid working on a contingent basis for a few reasons. It is an exorbitant cost to the client. If the search is out to more than one firm, many toes are stepped on and the process becomes costly and inefficient for all parties. 

My recruiter is going out on leave. Can Healthcare Resources Group of GA come in and fill in during that time?
Most definitely. Healthcare Resources Group of GA has experience consulting onsite for clients on both a long and short term basis. 

I need some recruiting assistance?
Healthcare Resources Group of GA has experience providing specialty specific recruitment. Through database mining, job board searching, call saturation, and email blasts to societies such as the AACN, Healthcare Resources Group of GA has been successful creating solid candidate pipelines.

We are opening a new facility and need assistance with these openings as well as backfilling positions in our other facilities. What can Healthcare Resources Group of GA do to assist with this?
In the past 5 years, Healthcare Resources Group of GA has assisted with the opening of three new facilities. It is an incredible feat and just as rewarding. Healthcare Resources Group of GA can dedicate a team of recruiters working virtually who will source, screen, and schedule candidates for interviews. Onsite, Healthcare Resources Group of GA Consultants have experience with the full cycle and simply act as an extension of your recruitment team.

I have healthcare recruitment needs. Can Healthcare Resources Group of GA assist us?
Absolutely. Healthcare Resources Group of GA has experience placing Long Term Care Directors, Staff Development Coordinators, Long Term Care RN’s, Case, Care, and Disease Managers, Healthcares Sales Representatives, and even Pharmaceutical Representatives that require a nursing background. If your position is related to healthcare there is a strong possibility that we have solid experience recruiting for it. If we do not have experience recruiting for a particular position, we will be very upfront about that.

If I only need assistance for one week or a small project, is this something Healthcare Resources Group of GA will consider? What if I just need a part-time consultant 20 hours per week?
Yes, as long as we have team members available to assist, we will consider any project.

What is the process to get started?
First, we discuss your recruitment needs, what you have tried in the past, and what solutions you have in mind. Healthcare Resources Group of GA will create a proposal around that as well as their own recruitment solutions suggestion. If both parties agree that this partnership is beneficial, an associate from Healthcare Resources Group of GA will visit your site to meet with your recruiting team, hiring managers, and to get a solid feel for your culture, geographical area. During this time, a process will be put in place to implement the project.

I think my recruiter is fabulous. I want to take away the new graduate positions and Support Roles. Can Healthcare Resources Group of GA manage that?
Absolutely. We have solid experience screening new graduates. We know how time consuming they can be. An experienced HR assistant may place one call to a  recruiter to inquire about a position. A new graduate assistant may place three calls and an email to follow up and make sure the calls and the applications were received. We understand the handholding the new graduates need and we provide that. All new graduate inquiries are directed to us. We communicate with each applicant on a regular basis, even if there are 500 applicants, to make sure that your recruitment department is viewed as one who truly cares about all of their applicants. We communicate via email at each stage of the recruiting process so each candidate knows if they have been eliminated or that they are moving forward. If a candidate interviews and is not selected, we notify them by telephone. We have a very stringent phone screening process. We schedule the interviews and make the offers. Remember, you may have only 10 new graduate spots available, but the other 490 applicants may be interested in you in 2 years. You want to make a good impression.

What is the time frame between initial discussion and project launch?
It can take anywhere from two days to two months to launch a project. It depends on the size of the project. Healthcare Resources Group of GA will never begin a project if everything is not in place.

Can you send me material in the mail?
Sure. But all of our information is available on our website. We want to be nice to the trees.